Worried about domestic violence – could Clare’s law help you?

13th May 2014

On 8th March 2014 (International Women’s Day) the Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme was implemented across England and Wales. The scheme is known as “Clare’s law,” named after Clare Wood. Clare was murdered in 2009 by a former partner, who had a record of violence against women. The scheme is a preventative step to avoid people becoming the victims of domestic abuse.

The scheme has been trialled by four police services in England since September 2012 and has allowed more than 100 people to gain information about their partners.

The new law means that anyone who is worried about their partner’s past can request disclosure of that person’s criminal records and previous history of domestic violence. Requests for such information will be checked by a panel of police, probation services and other agencies to ensure information is only passed on where it is lawful, proportionate and necessary. The scheme also includes another strand which allows the police to proactively disclose information in prescribed circumstances.

If you are experiencing abuse or violence, or have been threatened, Ansons Solicitors in Cannock and Lichfield can advise you of the options that are available to you.