Wills & probate myth 3 – I can save time and money by making a home-made will

3rd September 2013

Shelly Wainwright of Ansons Solicitors wills and probate team in Cannock, Staffordshire, explains: “This is not true”.

The initial cost of a will-making pack may be minimal but the pack will not provide any legal advice on the implications of what you intend to include in your will. Often it does not give any guidance on how to word your will to make sure that your intentions are clearly set out so that they can be carried out.

According to your wishes, there are legal rules about how a will must be signed and witnessed. If these rules are not adhered to, the will could be invalid.

We often see home made wills and, except in the simplest of estates, they are rarely correct and cause an array of problems for family members. We recommend that everyone who makes a will seeks independent legal advice before they do so. The initial cost may be more, but it may well avoid future legal costs of unpicking an incorrect homemade will.

For further, please contact Shelly Wainwright in the wills and probate team, on 01543 267984 or email Ansons Solicitors has offices in Cannock and Lichfield, Staffordshire.