Two Staffordshire solicitors complete collaborative law training

10th September 2013

Whilst the super-rich frequently hit the headlines with divorces involving long, drawn-out expensive courtroom battles, couples separating in Staffordshire can now take a less stressful approach.

Experienced family lawyers Susan Davies and Laura Lambert from Ansons Solicitors in Lichfield and Cannock have now completed their training to offer an alternative way to settle family disputes, known as collaborative law.

Under the collaborative law process, each person appoints their own collaboratively trained lawyer and the couples and their respective lawyers all meet together to work things out face to face. Each person has their lawyer by their side throughout the meetings and so benefits from their support and legal advice when required.

Everyone involved, including the lawyers, signs an agreement that commits the parties to trying to resolve the issues without going to court and prevents the lawyers from representing you in court if the collaborative process breaks down. That means everyone is absolutely committed to finding the best solution by agreement, rather than through court proceedings.

The collaborative option is suitable for all aspects of family breakdown, including disputes over children or finances and is an ideal process for pre-nuptial and civil partnership agreements. It can also be used to resolve disputes arising from the separation of an unmarried couple.

“The benefits of the collaborative service are clear”, says Ansons family law expert Susan Davies. “Couples feel more in control and the process encourages openness and honesty instead of mistrust. By communicating face to face we can help each couple to find constructive solutions that suit their personal situation.”

During the negotiations, which take place over a series of meetings, other professionals such as accountants, pension experts and financial advisors can be invited to join the meeting to offer advice. The lawyers manage the whole process and help you to come to an agreement.

If you would like your divorce or family dispute dealt with collaboratively Susan and Laura will guide you through the process and assist you in a series of face to face meetings.

For information about collaborative family law contact Susan Davies 01543 267 190 or Laura Lambert at Ansons Solicitors on 01543 431 996.