Section 106 agreements and the community

As a property developer you may be asked to enter into a section 106 agreement or pay a community infrastructure levy.

Local authorities have the right to request these under the complex planning regulations that currently exist in the UK.

Our planning solicitors are practised in assisting large project developers make sense of these legal agreements and ensure they are dealt with legally and as quickly as possible.

A section 106 agreement sets out planning obligations for developers from a local authority. These ensure that projects benefit the local community, such as the provision of local amenities, and are put in place to ensure a planning proposal is acceptable to everyone for approval.

Our legal expertise in planning law will ensure you get the best possible terms out of the agreement – as promptly as possible. We will also advise you on any time limits to avoid costly breaches of contract in the future.

Local authorities can also charge you with a community infrastructure levy (CIL) if you are building a new development with an internal floor space of over 100 square metres. This money is used to build or improve local infrastructure to support your project. The rate you will need to pay depends on the local authority charging schedule and size of the development.

The community infrastructure levy can have a big impact on your planning obligations and on your financial forecasts. Taking specialist legal advice from our planning solicitors will help you understand, plan and secure the future success of your development.

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