New Year, new relationship status?

5th January 2017

January is often a time of reflection when many people decide to make changes and address problems in their personal relationships.

Whether you are thinking about ending your marriage, dissolving your civil partnership, or separating from someone you have been living with, the family law team at Ansons Solicitors in Staffordshire are here to help.

Our specialist solicitors understand that it can be difficult to make decisions about your relationships, especially when it affects your children and your future financial stability.

Maintaining good communication with your former spouse or partner is the key to making the process of separation as painless as it can be; if the channels of communication can be kept open it is more likely that an amicable resolution can be achieved. By adopting a process of resolution that seeks to work collaboratively with couples who have decided to separate, we can help you to find a way forward that works for everyone in your family.

There are several approaches we can take which aim to help and support you during this difficult time, all of which seek to avoid having to go to court. We can help you explore possible routes of resolution through mediation or collaborative law, both of which aim to put you in control of negotiations and to empower you and your former spouse or partner to work together to decide the arrangements that best suit your circumstances.

Using mediation or collaborative law does not mean that you will lose the right to access legal advice, or that you will forgo the right to ask the court to intervene if you are unable to come to an agreement. You will have access to independent legal advice throughout the process, and have the right to refer the matter to court if you choose to do so.

Mediation or collaborative law are not suitable for everyone – in particular, they are not suitable for someone who is trying to escape an abusive or violent relationship. However, in many cases they can be helpful for:

  • working out the terms of a trial separation;
  • dividing assets on divorce; and
  • deciding arrangements for children.

For a confidential discussion on separation or any family law problem, including issues of abuse or violence, please contact Mark Buttery at Ansons Solicitors in Cannock and Lichfield on 01543 431939 or email