Make it a smoother ride with Ansons at your side

22nd October 2015
Life’s journey is rarely a smooth ride, but with Ansons Solicitors family law team at your side you can be assured of the very best legal advice and representation all the way.
When you have found your future companion, our friendly lawyers can help you start mapping out your future together. This is especially important if you have been married before or have children from a previous relationship.
If you decide to move in together, a cohabitation agreement can organise how you will share expenditure and establish ownership of assets.
If you plan to marry, a prenuptial agreement can clarify your intentions towards property you own, inherited assets, business interests and put your mind at ease right from the beginning. Alternately a postnuptial agreement can provide legally binding confirmation of what assets are yours and what assets are shared, even after you are married. This can be useful if you later inherit or start a business.
Should the road become bumpy, and you need advice on separation and divorce, you can be assured that our experienced lawyers will help secure your best interests. It is not always necessary to go to court, but if you do, you will always have expert legal representation at every stage.
Our Resolution accredited lawyers are committed to finding a constructive solution to family problems. As trained mediators and collaborative lawyers we offer a range of ways to help you make contact arrangements with your children and resolve how your finances and assets are to be separated.
With Ansons family law team you will also have access to our complete legal service, including property lawyers, inheritance and tax planning advice and company and commercial specialists.
If you need advice on any family law matter contact Susan Davies at the Lichfield office of Ansons Solicitors on 01543 267 190 or email