Download our client guide to commercial contracts

8th March 2017

All businesses enter into contracts on a regular basis, whether with customers, suppliers, banks, employees and other businesses. Each contract brings with it anticipated benefits and risks, but for various reasons, businesses often enter into the contracts without much consideration of the terms.

To consider why contracts do not tend to be overly scrutinised, and to give some useful pointers to clients to increase their knowledge when reviewing contracts, we have put together a useful client guide, ‘Focus on contracts’.

In this guide, Neil Jones, director and joint head of the corporate and commercial law team at Ansons Solicitors in Staffordshire, looks at some of the contract issues which can arise in various practical scenarios, including:

  • implied terms;
  • the importance of incorporation;
  • unenforceable terms;
  • missing terms;
  • legalese;
  • commercial pressures; and
  • cost.

Click here to download your free copy of our ‘Focus on contracts’ client guide.

For more advice about commercial contracts, please contact Neil Jones at Ansons Solicitors in Cannock and Lichfield, on 01543 431184 or email