Lending or guarantees relating to your business

At some point, you may be asked to lend some money to, or give a personal guarantee in connection with, your business. It is important for you to make sure this is done on the correct terms and that you are aware of what liabilities you might be incurring or be required to meet.

Our business banking team is highly experienced in advising directors and stakeholders in connection with their personal arrangements relating to finance given to their business.

Our team of specialist solicitors can advise:

  • where a lender gives you a standard personal guarantee to sign – we often find that the first draft of a guarantee exposes you to more risk than it should, so we will help you to reduce that risk
  • where you are making new or existing lending to a company – we often find that directors and shareholders, or their relatives, make loans to the company without formal documentation, which is fine until things go wrong, relationships sour or somebody dies. Putting in place the simplest documentation, even two or three pages long, can alleviate any future problems and make sure everyone knows where they stand from the outset.
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