Breakfast briefing on Employment Law Myth-busters

28th January 2013

Following on from our successful breakfast briefing in November, we are delighted to announce our second briefing. We will be looking at many of the myths in employment law and will address some of the preconceptions that employers may hold about employment issues.

 As before, the seminar will focus on offering practical advice and guidance on some of the most important areas of employment law affecting organisations today. 

There will be two short presentations delivered by Martin de Ridder and Adam Pike of Ansons. The myths being investigated are

  • Rolling over of holiday pay
  • You can’t make someone redundant if they are on maternity leave
  • Restrictive covenants in employment contracts are never upheld by the court
  • You can always pay £30,000 tax-free under a compromise agreement
  • If an employee is required to be able to drive as part of their job and they lose their driving licence, you can dismiss them
  • If an employee will not sign a new contract of employment the contract is unenforceable
  • Due to the new retirement legislation you can no longer terminate someone’s contract when they reach a certain age
  • You cannot dismiss an employee without giving them prior warnings
  • If you have an employee on a fixed term contract, their employment automatically terminates when the term expires
  • It is illegal to give a bad reference
  • If an employee requests flexible working I only have to say that I have considered the request, and then tell them that they cannot have it.

For more information, please contact Martin De Ridder at