Articles of association – do yours discriminate?

21st January 2014

All companies have a constitution largely made up by its articles of association (articles). For many companies these are generally based on ‘standard’ articles known as Table A or, for the more recently incorporated companies, Model Articles. The articles provide a structure for the management of the company by, for example, regulating the internal matters of the company including, how shares may be transferred, the holding of board and shareholder meetings, the general powers and duties of the directors and the appointment or removal of directors.

How could my company’s articles of association be discriminatory?

In April 2013, the Mental Health (Discrimination) Act 2013 (MHDA) came into force. This amended certain provisions of the Model Articles by removing provisions that require the automatic termination of a director’s office if that director’s rights or powers are restricted by a court order on mental health grounds.

If your articles are based on a previous set of Model Articles or Table A then your articles may therefore be discriminatory.

Should you update you articles?

You are not obliged to amend your articles to ensure that they are compliant with this new law, however, you may want to bear in mind that a director who has been removed from office on these grounds (or any equivalent of it) could bring an action against the company based on discrimination. You should certainly no longer rely on the provision and the potential liability is uncapped for such a claim.

What if I am selling my business?

Any prudent buyer will seek to pass any potential liability back to the seller. Ensuring you know the current law and dealing with any potential problems now could help reduce any unknown risk post-sale.

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