Wills & probate myth 8 – True or False? It will be expensive to instruct solicitors to help me get probate and deal with the administration of an estate?

21st November 2013

Marie Tisdale of Ansons Solicitors wills and probate team in Lichfield, Staffordshire, explains: “Our fee will depend upon the complexity of the estate but generally we agree a fixed fee with you at the outset.”

We can also tell you about the expenses that the estate will need to incur to obtain the probate, such as the court fee.

To keep your costs down, we can obtain the grant of probate and leave the executors to deal with the administration of the estate. Or, we can help you deal with the full administration of the estate; collecting in the assets and distributing them in accordance with the terms of the will. We will always agree fees with you in advance.

For further, please contact Marie Tisdale in the wills and probate team, on 01543 267981 or email Ansons Solicitors has offices in Cannock and Lichfield, Staffordshire.