Top six reasons to use a solicitor for your divorce – get the paperwork right

9th January 2017

Trying to manage divorce proceedings yourself can be a highly emotional, risky process littered with pitfalls that may not be apparent at the outset.

Laura Lambert, family law solicitor at Ansons Solicitors in Cannock, Lichfield and Sutton Coldfield Staffordshire, often sees couples embarking on the divorce process come up against challenges and decisions they had never even thought about.

‘When you are going through a financial separation and making arrangements for children you require guidance and support to reach the right decision and achieve the right outcome. Without the right support, the process simply falls apart and fails to progress,’ says Laura.

In this series of blogs, Laura outlines the top six reasons why you should use a Resolution accredited family lawyer to handle your divorce.

Get the paperwork right

DIY divorce papers are often returned by the court for being incorrectly completed. A common mistake is to give the wrong reasons for divorce. The family court will only grant a divorce if it is satisfied if there is enough evidence of one of the five specific reasons for getting a divorce and that the proper procedure has been followed. If not, your court fee will be wasted. Your lawyer will be able to draft your petition using the necessary technical language to persuade the court. They will also make sure that time limits and procedure is observed.

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