Top 10 things to think about before making your will – No 6 – nominate your substitute beneficiaries

5th May 2015

The rich variety of family life can throw up a wide range of considerations when making your will. If you have been married before and have children from different relationships to provide for, you are concerned about appointing guardians, funeral arrangements or even what will happen to your pets, a carefully drafted will can put your mind to rest.

In this series of guides, Shelly Wainwright, wills and probate lawyer at Ansons Solicitors in Lichfield and Cannock, Staffordshire, gives her top 10 tips for making a will.

Tip no 6 – Add a final substitution clause – just in case

One you have thought about who will be your beneficiaries in your will, you may also want to nominate substitutionary beneficiaries. This means you need to consider who would inherit if your first choice beneficiaries die before you. This might be members of your extended family or a charity – the choice is yours. However, it is important that this is included just in case.

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