Top 10 things to think about before making your will – No 4 – leaving more to one child than another

20th April 2015

A carefully drafted will can address all your concerns and put your mind to rest about what will happen after you die. Before making your will, you may have many questions about what it can include, and how your loved ones are to be provided for. You may have been married before and have children from different relationships to provide for, you may want to appoint guardians for your children, you may want to plan your funeral arrangements or even what will happen to your pets.

In this series of guides, Shelly Wainwright, wills and probate lawyer at Ansons Solicitors in Lichfield and Cannock, Staffordshire, gives her top 10 tips for making a will.

4. Can I leave more to one of my children than the others?

If you do not intend to make equal provision for your children then we recommend that a short written statement is prepared and signed by you confirming your reasons for this.

If your will is later challenged in court, your statement can be given as support for your will remaining as it is. A judge will consider your written reasons for making a will the way you have. A statement does not stop this sort of application being made but it will help your executors defend any claim.

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