Plan for the worst with a power of attorney

3rd August 2015

No motorcyclist or cyclist would get on their bike without a helmet these days. But an accident could leave you with more than just physical problems.

A serious head injury that left you unable to manage your financial affairs, even temporarily, could create a raft of problems for your family at a time when they would already be distressed.

A power of attorney is often associated with the elderly. But it is really a sensible precaution for anyone of any age, especially if you enjoy a potentially dangerous interest or sporting activity.

A lasting power of attorney is a legal document that gives someone you trust the authority to make decisions on your behalf.

Setting up a lasting power is highly recommended for cyclists and motorcyclists in particular, as there is a higher than risk of sustaining life-changing injuries due to vulnerability on the road.

Marie Tisdale, head of wills and probate at Ansons Solicitors, explains that “Despite popular belief, a member of your family cannot take control of your finances and make choices for you automatically when you are unable to do so. Without a lasting power of attorney your family could face long delays and expense in applying to the Court of Protection for access to your assets and finances. This can cause undue stress for your loved ones at a difficult time, which is why it is wise to think ahead.

There are two types of lasting power of attorney available:

  • property and financial affairs – allows someone to administer property and financial affairs, bills, bank accounts and investments ; and
  • personal welfare – covers decisions about your healthcare.

You can choose anyone you want to be your attorney, as long as they are over 18, not bankrupt and are willing to take on the role. You can specify what decisions they can make or allow them to make all decisions for you.

If you book an appointment to make a lasting power of attorney before 31 August, Ansons Solicitors will donate £10 to Staffordshire Bloodbikes.

For further information about setting up a power of attorney, please contact Marie Tisdale on 01543 431196 or email, or Shelly Wainwright on 01543 267 984 or email Ansons Solicitors has offices in Cannock and Lichfield, Staffordshire.