Power of Attorney

By setting up a power of attorney, you can protect your future finances and welfare should you become physically or mentally incapable of managing your own affairs.

Rather than social services and the local authority making decisions about you, a power of attorney allows you to choose trusted family or friends to handle your finances and make decisions about your welfare.

A power of attorney can only be made whilst you have the mental capacity to fully understand the consequences of what you are signing. Our specialist wills and probate solicitors can advise you on the two types of power you are able to grant to someone else:

  • a property and financial affairs lasting power of attorney; to make financial transactions on your behalf such as managing bank accounts, investments, buying and selling property
  • a health and welfare lasting power of attorney; to make decisions about where you live, medical care and permission for treatment and resuscitation

We usually recommend that you appoint more than one attorney. You can specify how you want them to act; together or with the option of acting separately, as long as they have full mental capacity. Our wills and probate lawyers can also put other safeguards in place to protect your best interests.

If you have been appointed as an attorney, we can help you understand your role and help you to step into that position when you are required to do so.

We advise families throughout Staffordshire and West Midlands, and if you are concerned about the mental capacity of a family member who has not granted anyone a power of attorney, our wills and probate solicitors could help you apply to the Court of Protection to make decisions on their behalf.

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