After the death of a loved one

After the death of a loved one we can help you sort out their affairs and inheritance tax liability whether they left a will or not. This is a difficult time with much to organise, if you need to apply for probate.

Our specialist wills and probate solicitors can help you locate a will, check or query the validity of the will and advise you on your options.

If there is a valid will, our Staffordshire and West Midlands based solicitors can make the right application for probate and advise on tax implications. We can locate and contact beneficiaries on your behalf and even make variations to a will if the beneficiaries agree. If you are appointed as an executor we can help you carry out your duties properly.

If there is not a valid will, assets held in the sole name of the deceased will pass under the intestacy laws and we can verify if you have the right to have access or ownership transferred to you. Our expert wills and probate team can also advise on the release of jointly owned property such as your home, joint bank accounts and other jointly owned assets which may not automatically pass to you.

Depending on the size of the estate and to whom it is left, there may be tax implications for you to consider. Our specialist solicitors can explore any possible tax saving opportunities to ease the burden.

With the increase in complex and extended family structures, we have seen an increase in inheritance disputes. Should this occur, our dispute resolution specialists are also on hand.

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