Collaborative Law

Collaborative law is a new way for divorcing or separating couples to resolve disputes while avoiding the high cost and distress of going to court and the uncertainties of the court based system.

The process takes place in a non-confrontational environment and is suitable for all aspects of family breakdown, including disputes over children or finances and is an ideal process for pre-nuptial and civil partnership agreements.

The negotiations take place at a series of meetings between you and your partner (or former partner), with your respective lawyers present. Where appropriate, other professionals such as accountants, pension experts or financial advisors may be invited to join the meetings.

During the meetings, our family law solicitors in Staffordshire will help to ensure that all relevant information is on the table, will provide legal advice when necessary, and manage the process of moving towards agreements that are workable, fair and acceptable.

The benefits of the collaborative approach are:

  • you control the process and set the agenda
  • you will each be fully informed of the other’s financial circumstances
  • negotiations proceed at your pace, without the delays involved in court litigation
  • a commitment to resolve issues without going to court reduces tension and anxiety
  • working as a team promotes communication, cooperation and constructive solutions
  • our family lawyers are present to provide support, legal advice and guidance
  • there is an open dialogue with experts, so complicated financial arrangements can be clearly understood

All Ansons family solicitors are members of Resolution and Ansons also offers trained collaborative law services. We are committed to achieving constructive solutions to family problems.

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