Have you updated your policies and procedures on flexible working?

8th July 2014

On 30 June 2014 the rules on flexible working changed. Now all employees with over 26 weeks’ employment can request flexible working hours; a right previously reserved for parents and carers.

Since flexible working was introduced in 2003 many employers have come to value its benefits. Increased staff morale, loyalty and increased productivity are just some of the positive effects employers have seen. But with new legislation comes a renewed responsibility and potential pitfalls.

You may not need to follow the old statutory procedure anymore, yet all requests must be considered ‘reasonably’. This could raise disputes over what ‘reasonably’ means in practice. There is also the potential for an employee to bring a tribunal claim within three months if you have not responded properly, withdrawn the request or rejected it for an invalid reason.

Being aware of the new procedure, how it works, and ensuring your business remains compliant with all legislation can help you avoid any problems. That not only includes dealing with requests but also updating your policies and contracts to reflect the new legislation.

Fixed price policy review and update

Ansons Solicitors dispute resolution and employment lawyers can help ensure you comply with the changes in flexible working.

For £200 + VAT, we will review and update your current employment policies to ensure that they comply with the new regulations.

For more information about flexible working requests and advice on renewing your policies, please contact Martin de Ridder in the dispute resolution and employment law team, on 01543 431 186 or email