Free guide to the intestacy rules

23rd December 2013

If you have not yet made a will, the intestacy rules will determine how your estate is distributed when you die. Your estate consists of any property, money, assets and belongings that you own. You may discover that under the intestacy rules your estate passes to someone you may not want it to. Or someone special to you will be left out. Without a will, you may also end up paying more inheritance tax than necessary.

To help you understand how this will work in practice, Ansons Solicitors have produced a free guide to the intestacy rules. This handy guide has an easy to use flow chart, so you can trace at a glance what would happen in your particular circumstances, whether you are single, married, in a civil partnership, have children or not.

Call in to our offices in Cannock or Lichfield to pick up your free guide to the intestacy rules or to download a copy click here.

If you have not yet made your will, Ansons Solicitors are offering free interviews on all wills and probate matters throughout January 2014. To make an appointment, call us on Cannock 01543 466660 or Lichfield 01543 263 456.