Divorce myth number 3 – if you move in with a new partner, their assets will be used to pay off your former spouse.

30th May 2013

Susan Davies of Ansons LLP Solicitors family law team in Lichfield, Staffordshire, explains: “This will not happen.”

“However your new partner’s financial means may be indirectly relevant in relation to your finances after your divorce, and your ability to meet your own financial needs requirements. For example, if you are living with a new partner there is an assumption that your housing costs will be shared with that partner and therefore you may be considered to have more available net income left over each month which the court may decide you should pay to your spouse in order to help meet hers and/or the children’s needs. If you are living alone and supporting all of your living costs yourself, then your available net income maybe less and thus there could be considered less income available to pay your spouse.