Construction law seminar sheds light on tricky contract terms

9th May 2013

Solicitors with Staffordshire law firm Ansons, Jagdip Bains and Neil Jones hosted a seminar on Thursday 2nd May 2013 at the Ansons Cannock office. The seminar was aimed at local businesses who work in the construction industry.

Jagdip, a solicitor in the dispute resolution team, went through five issues that contractors should look out for in their construction contracts. These comprised:

  • scope of works
  • variations
  • completion and liquidated damages
  • payment
  • dispute resolution. 

Jagdip explained the importance of understanding the contractual obligations and payment mechanisms of a contract to ensure that sub-contractors were paid on time. Guidance was given in relation to how to deal with variations to ensure payment is made for variation works.  

Neil, a solicitor in the Ansons corporate team, discussed the importance of standard terms and conditions and highlighted 3 major hotspots that contractors should pay particular attention to:

  • incorporation of terms
  • retention of title
  • limitation of liability.

Neil provided guidance to ensure standard terms and conditions were incorporated into the contract. Neil explained how certain terms could assist if payment was withheld or a dispute arose.

Jagdip and Neil both provided practical advice on how to avoid a dispute and to ensure clients were in the strongest position should a dispute arise with regards to payment. 

Ansons has hosted a series of seminars in the past all of which have been a success. The breakfast seminars allow local businesses to meet, network and gain a better understanding of the issues that they face in running their businesses.