16 May – deadline for Staffordshire business’s to object to HS2

1st May 2014

With the HS2 (London – West Midlands) Bill now on track in the House of Commons, Staffordshire’s leading regulatory solicitors are reminding businesses that they only have until 16th May 2014 to lodge a petition for amendments to any specific aspect of the proposals.

David Anderton and Neil Faunch of Ansons Solicitors explain that there are specific proposals for compensation for business, depending on the size of the business and the proximity to the line.

Large businesses and investors, will be entitled to compensation under the usual rules for a compulsory purchase.

Small businesses on or near the route may be eligible for compensation under a separate scheme, of their rateable value does not exceed £34,800.

Owner occupiers within around 60 meters of the proposed new route will be entitled to compensation under the “Express Purchase Scheme”. This requires the property owner to serve a blight notice.

Owners of property which is partly within the 60 meter band and partly without will be facing uncertainty and should take professional advice.

In addition to the HS2 Express Purchase Scheme, there are alternative schemes including: 

  • “Need to sell”
  • Voluntary purchase
  • Rent back
  • Alternative cash payment
  • Homeowner payment proposal 

Ansons Solicitors have been advising a number of home owners and businesses on the effects of HS2 on their property. As experts on planning law and compulsory purchase, they advise businesses on their options and whether they are likely to be eligible for compensation.

For further information, contact David Anderton or Neil Faunch at Ansons Solicitors 01543 263456